The snow is falling gently. The cocoa is that perfect balance of hot and comforting. Your loved ones are within arm’s reach.

Ahh, we love the holiday season. Traditions hold us together and new ideas keep us flying by the seat of our pants into the new year, the ideal mix of old and new.

But, we aren’t quite to the new year yet. We still have a few surprises in store for this year, and we’ll help you create a holiday surprise of your own: It’s time for Christmas to go chic.

While you don’t need to overdose on shades of pink to make your Christmas tree look like it just stepped (rolled?) off Time’s Square, don’t hesitate to add a little feminine charm. Balance pink with ivory and gold; grace the greenery with white icicle lights. It’s the perfect color palette against a dark green tree.
We love using more natural materials, such as twine, dried vines, or fabric flowers to make ornaments that remind us of yester-year and less of the chrome and lights of today.

In fact, we love to wrap gifts and set the table the same way. Burlap, lace, rope, and pine branches can find their way into the smallest details, making this Christmas even more memorable. (Plus, this decor style will provide the perfect backdrop for family photos!)

We hope you and your family have a wonderful, safe holiday season!
Once you’ve had time to feast, party, and rest, you’ll hear from us again and we can work on laying out your home projects for the new year.


Don’t forget the garland

Fresh pine garlands can breathe life into any room for the holidays. They are both festive and fragrant!

Add them in doorways, as movement from room to room will release new wafts of the wonderful holiday pine scent.


Pick a theme & stick with it

When decorating for the holidays, it is easy to go overboard, taking your space from gorgeous to gaudy.
Before you start decorating, pick a theme for the holiday season and keep it in mind throughout the house.
Silver and gold or all-white are both great options for a timeless and clean look throughout your home.