On your brain, your home, and your wallet.

Do you know why clutter makes you feel so gross?
Because it’s a sign of too much chaos in your life, or of holding onto the past in a less-than-ideal way. When someone decides to make a major life change, they often start with a purge and declutter — for good reason.
For some people, this means chopping off their hair. 😉 For others, it means ruthlessly eyeing their belongings and asking for the first time,
“Why do I still have this stuff?”
It’s a complicated question but resolving it is, thankfully, quite simple. Once you realize the cost of clutter, you won’t be able to hire a professional organizer fast enough.
What is the cost of clutter, you ask? Let’s talk about it…


1.  Not Knowing What You Have

Have you ever bought something that you know you already own but simply can’t find?
It’s an awful feeling, not to mention a waste of resources. The beauty of getting organized, whether you do it yourself, or hire someone to do the whole thing for you, is the cost-savings. After getting organized, many people find that they buy less, not more.

2.  Storing Things You Don’t Need

Whether your garage is too full to include your vehicles, or you’re paying for a storage pod / unit, you might feel up to your eyeballs in boxes, bins, and random stuff that should go who-knows-where.
 Get rid of what you don’t need and use what you already own.

3.  Stressing Because Clutter Sucks

Is there any better way to say it? Clutter sucks.
It drags us down mentally, hinders creativity, and blocks clarity. All these factors add up to a stress level that is far higher than it needs to be. You have enough other stressors in your life — why make your belongings one of them?


Sort the kids’ clothes.

If you have kids, you know they are always growing out of their clothes. In fact, you might be able to empty half of their closet and send a box of gently-used items to your favorite resale store.


Assess your decor items.

Were you gifted various decorating items over the years? Do you even like them? If not, they need to go. Let someone else appreciate them while you free up some wall and shelf space.