The year 2020 was just phase one of the home office revolution.

In 2020, many of us turned our dining room tables into desks and our family rooms into office spaces. For better or worse, it worked. Those with a spare room or hardly-used guest room were able to squeeze in a desk and slowly transition the space into a semblance of what they needed.
Today, the home office is still evolving to fit the lifestyles of many of you who choose to work from home, and the results are beautiful.

1. Flex Space

We’ve seen less of a need for bulky desks and filing cabinets and more of a desire for truly comfortable, livable office furniture. With a heavy emphasis on texture, velvet sofas and flowy drapery make the office feel more luxurious and less corporate, perfect for doing your best work.
Plus, that office can easily transform into a lovely sitting room during your off hours. For families with diverse needs, this is often an ideal space solution.

2. Central Space

If you are like many who work from home, you don’t actually love the idea of being isolated from the rest of your home or family, especially if your family members consist of mostly-quiet older kids or other adults. (Parents with young kids, you need an office with a lockable door. Trust us!)
In your situation, placing the office in a central space, such as just off the kitchen, could be ideal. Beautiful built-in cabinetry can maximize the use of even quite-small spaces, giving you room for paperwork, a computer, and a keyboard that are easily tucked out of sight.

3. Private Space

The she-shed or backyard studio is growing in popularity because it provides just the opposite of the centralized office space: Separation. This separation is both mental and physical and can allow workaholics to literally leave their work “at the office” at the end of every day.
When assessing your home office needs, we always take into account your work style, hours, and personality type. Each of these factors play into which office setup will be the most productive for your daily life.



Bye-bye, corporate aesthetic.

Did anyone ever love the bland colors and fluorescent lighting of their old office space? No, actually. That’s why most people who now work from home are placing a big emphasis on color, texture, and ergonomics.


Think about your backdrop.

If you have to be on video calls at least once per month, consider the wall or window behind your chair. Is the light too harsh? Is the wall blank and boring? We love helping our clients style their office with Zoom-approved decor.