I love interior design… all aspects of it! Especially helping people see their homes in new and beautiful ways. I’ve started e-designing, knowing that not everyone can afford a full-service in-home interior designer, and I am so happy to be able to give them the beautiful and functional designs they long for, at a price that doesn’t break their budget.

I will answer the most common questions you may have about e-design and provide ideas on how this is a great and affordable way to invest in a professionally designed home.


What is E-Design?

E-design gives you access to a professional interior designer, that will work with you entirely online. Communication from start to finish is completely virtual and always in collaboration with you.


Who is E-Design For?


Designing online is geared toward individuals and families with a busy lifestyle, that also enjoys a little DIY. They just might need a little guidance and expertise bringing it all together for a cohesive flow throughout their home. This is where e-design is an exciting option. We give them direction and ideas that can only come from a professional designer, but without the expense… since much of what we curate can be purchased online and brought together by you.


What’s Included in E-Design?

Many e-designers offer different pricing packages, which will give you options of what you are looking for and with differing price points. Services usually include consultations, and these can vary between color consultations, problem area consultations, or even what some call “designer for a day”…where you get a set amount of design hours to ask questions and get design advice.

In addition to color consultations, I include services for furniture plan layouts and whole room refreshes.  Each package will provide you with different deliverables…with a room refresh you receive the most comprehensive design…a concept board that includes furniture options, paint options, finishes, and decor pieces to complete your room. A shopping list for purchasing your furniture, a written set of instructions as well as a dimensioned floor plan for installation.

How Does E-Design Work?


The e-design process will vary slightly for each package, but it always starts with “discovery” — I have a detailed questionnaire that will be filled out as soon as a package is purchased on my website. Depending on the scope, we may also decide to schedule a call to discuss additional details. After “discovery”, I will get to work on creating a preliminary design package, that usually includes 2 options. We will then discuss your likes/dislikes, and I will use what we’ve discussed to create your final design package.


What are the Benefits of E-Design?


E-design really gives you the best of both worlds…you get a professional (and many times degreed) designer to create a beautiful and functional solution, while at the same time giving you the flexibility to design at your own pace — room by room, according to your budget.


What’s Next?


I will always keep your goals, vision, budget and lifestyle in mind when designing each room of your home, and make sure it becomes exactly the place you want to be.

If this sounds like the perfect option for you, and you’re ready to collaborate…book a discovery call with me and we can get started right away!

Do you have other questions we haven’t covered yet? Ask us in the comments below!