Tradition, Modern & Transition Styles

Do your patio doors feel underdressed? Ensure they match the flow of your interior design aesthetic by adding the proper treatments. After all, these doors are comprised mostly of glass and deserve to be treated as large windows. Not only will the addition of window treatments make your space feel finished, but it will also allow for more privacy.

1. Drapery Panels

This elegant approach to covering patio doors can be both stylish and functional, depending on the needs of your space. If you aren’t concerned about privacy, use stationary drapery panels on either side of your patio doors to give them a finished appearance. If privacy is necessary, make the drapery functional; we suggest pinch pleats or grommet-hung panels on an attractive rod.

Image via The Home Designs


2. Panel Track Blinds

A modern counterpart to drapery, panel track blinds provide a minimal and sophisticated solution to your privacy and sunlight concerns. These panels slide effortlessly on smooth tracks and are available in translucent or blackout versions, allowing you to fully customize the amount of light and privacy in your space.

Image via Up Long Island


3. Vertical Honeycomb Shades

Vertical honeycomb shades add softness to your space without frill or fanfare. They slide easily from side to side, allowing you to access your patio doors frequently and without difficulty. Additionally, these shades often provide an extra layer of insulation, making them perfect for cooler climates or for doors that feel a bit drafty.

Image via Window Treatment Design



Velvet is Queen

Velvet is an increasingly popular choice for upholstered furniture, an attractive juxtaposition with the frequent use of marble, glass, brass, and copper elements.



Timeless Spaces

Make sure the majority of your interior design is based on timeless aspects. Introduce trends in easily updated areas, such as furniture, decor, or wall coverings.