Professionally designed kitchen

Most people believe that interior designers spend all their time picking out colors, fabrics and things to make your house look pretty. The thing is…we actually do that! But there is so much more…in addition to creating spaces that are beautiful, we design them to actually make your life easier and more efficient.


I’m going to talk about the 5 obvious, and possibly not so obvious, advantages of collaborating with an interior designer.


1. Managing All Project Components to Eliminate Stress

Every renovation comes with its own set of issues, but when you have an interior designer on your team, you have someone knowledgeable to manage your project. Someone to not only discuss products (the fun stuff) with, but someone who helps avoid costly mistakes that almost always breaks the budget.


2. Expanding Access to Vendors and Trades

As designers, we get to know the people we buy from…our vendors. We know their products and before we show you anything (from furniture to accessories to tile, etc.) we have already learned what works and what doesn’t and why. We can bring to the table the kinds of furnishings you can’t find anywhere else, and we can often get the things you absolutely love for much less than you can find on your own.


3. Bringing Expertise and Experience to All Projects

An interior designer knows how to plan your project efficiently, from start to finish. We don’t waste time, we know how to budget and we always keep your project moving.  Many of us are adept in working with builders and contractors. We know how to create space plans…keeping in mind the specifics of every home, like electrical placement and needs to code requirements. We love to do research, on everything from furnishings, carpet, tile and so much more…and we bring that knowledge to every project.

Clock, Saving time

4. Saving Time from Start to Finish

A designer can save you time as well. As I mentioned before, we do the research, so you don’t have to. This includes going to furniture markets to test and check out the quality of what we sell to you. Many designers will be your on-site progress monitor, making sure everything runs smoothly and on time…and we are there to receive deliveries, so you don’t have to pause your life.


5. Transforming Lives through Beautiful Spaces

When your home is professionally designed, to help you live how you’ve always wanted, that’s exactly what it does! When we transform spaces, we can transform your life. You will be happier when you’re at home and love where you are!

Professionally designed living room


If you think your next project could benefit from an interior designer, let’s get in touch.