Bring Your Space from Archaic to Artistic

Does the word “wallpaper” conjure images of your parents’ 1970s living room? Save the cringe for later, because today’s wallpaper is anything but dated. Modern wall coverings vary from tiny prints and full murals to neutral textures and touchable finishes. Whether you’re looking to add interest, softness, or a bold statement to your space, you’ll find a dynamic, beautiful design partner in wallpaper.

Does this mean you should apply wallpaper to every room in your home? Absolutely not. In fact, we love to use wallpaper in a few unexpected applications.


Ceilings tend to be boring, and unless you have a fancy light fixture, most people don’t notice them. Adding wallpaper with a tasteful color palette and pattern can add depth and height to your space instantly. This is a smart way to add interest to larger rooms, such as living rooms or bedrooms, without going nuts on a big accent wall.


Once the most utilitarian of spaces, the laundry room has become a thing of beauty. Does this make us want to do laundry more often? Maybe a little. Attractive design elements, such as a floral pattern behind your folding counter, go a long way to making your household chores more bearable. Plus, adding designer touches in unexpected spaces is an easy way to make it look like you’ve totally got your ducks in a row.



First impressions matter (as do second and third). Welcome guests to your home in style or add interest to an otherwise boring hallway with geometric, floral, textured or mural wallpaper. If your preferred aesthetic is more neutral, opt for monochromatic or textured wallpaper. Be sure to add a chandelier to the foyer or wall sconces to the hallway to highlight your gorgeous investment.



Wallpaper Trends

“Make way for coral, terracotta, sage green and warm grey. Browns, mustard, golds and certain red tones in both wallpaper and decor accents will also be making a comeback…”

Milton & King


Maximize your space

Use larger patterns if the space is small to increased the perceived square footage. Use lighter colors if windows are lacking, or go dark for elegant drama.